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Fireteam based reorganization & Ranking Introduction

Clankilla187 / Feb 01, 2016
Fireteam based reorganization & Ranking Introduction

We hope to one day grow our community beyond the 100 member limitation of the Halo Spartan company. Also, we plan to invite fellow Halo gamers to join our community without the requirement of being a member of one of our Halo companies. This will help to create Clan Wars, Clan skirmishes, LFG/LFM and will also help with recruiting.

Structured ranks:
Private - new member
Sergeant - elders
Officer - fireteam leader second in command
Lieutenant - fireteam leader first in command
Captain - company leader

Leadership structure:
Captain: Responsible for overseeing fireteam lieutenants, enforcing policies, and clan activity. Member of the company council.

Lieutenants: In charge of organizing fireteam members, enforcing policies, and fireteam activities. Member of the company council.
Lieutenants will have lieutenant rights on Halowaypoint, moderator/officer forum rights on company website, and co-admin rights on our Band

Officers: In charge of organizing fireteam members, and reporting fireteam activity. Member without voting rights on the company council.
Officers will have officer forum rights on company website

Sergeants: Elder status on company website

Privates: Private status on company website

Rank promotions are determined by the company council.

Long term goal:
We intend to form our company into a total of 9 fireteams.

8 fireteams consisting of 10 members with the primary focus towards arena game types (4 player game types)
- 1 lieutenant
- 1 officer
- 8 sergeants or privates.

1 fireteam consisting of 20 members with primary focus on Warzone varieties and BTB.
- 1 captain
- 1 lieutenant
- 1 officer
- 17 sergeants or privates.

By no means do we wish to divide our members, or to keep each other from playing together. The primary goal is to organize the company. We encourage members to play with all members of our community and their friends.

Form our active members into 4 squads:
- 3 fireteams consisting of 10 members
- 1 fireteam consisting of 20 members.

As the company grows we will continue to form the remaining fireteams. When additional fireteams are added, the council will promote new lieutenants and officers as needed to lead the additional fireteams.

Member Ranking Status:

We monitor member statistics to determine which members are active and contributing to the team. This is necessary to maintain our status as an active company. When the company started, we had an open door policy. As time has passed some members have moved on, became inactive, or haven’t conformed to company requirements. Moving forward we will enforce the member ranking system and company policies.

Once company members have joined our company website, their company rank with be applied. Members not on our company website will be considered privates.

Infraction system:

Members breaking company rules, COC, and polices will be tracked on the company website. Multiple offenses could result in de-ranking or discharge. Strikes may be removed based on improved behavior and/or frequency of offenses at the discretion of the council members.

Members who are in danger of being discharged will be warned individually and may be given a chance to explain or improve.


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