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Missing out on your deactivated Yahoo account? Well, many users deactivate their account or get tem deactivated due to various reasons. However, sometimes it becomes important for them to regain access to their accounts for checking out some previously saved emails, or other important information.
Therefore, if you are also unable to get access to your Yahoo email due to its deactivations, the worry not as tis post will help you. Here, you’ll get to learn about How to Reactivate Yahoo Account and why your account has been deactivated.
How to Reactivate Yahoo Account? Reasons Why It Might Have Been Deactivated
• In the event, if you don’t use your Yahoo account for more than a year, or you don’t login into it, then Yahoo may deactivate your account. Why? Well, the higher the number of inactive accounts will be, the higher the chances gets of slowing down the Yahoo server. Hence, to keep the services reliable and fast, Yahoo deactivated its inactive accounts.
• Despite this, Yahoo also deactivates its accounts, if the user has violated its terms of use, if the account has been reported for illegal activity.
Steps to Reactivate an Account on Yahoo Mail
The following steps will help you to Reactivate Yahoo Account without any hassle.
• In the event, when your Yahoo account has been deactivated, then you will see a message saying your account has been deactivated or requiring a password reset for your account. This message would be visible when you’ll try to login into your account.
• Now if your account has been deleted on Yahoo, you’ll see the fresh user sign-in screen. Hence, you might need to use a different screen name.
• Also, you can use the current login credentials of your Yahoo account to reactive it. However, if you are unable to reset the password of your account, then you can use the recovery information on the account recovery page.
Moreover, you can also contact the tech-experts on Yahoo for getting better assistance on How to Reactivate Yahoo Account.
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