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#14225165 Oct 10, 2019 at 04:41 AM
ashu ultra
Many users have complaint about their issues on iPhone and one of the common issue almost each customer is facing is that Yahoo Mail is not working on their iPhone. When everyone discovered this problem they immediately go to Yahoo support forums to fix their problems. Always download and use latest yahoo mail application on your iPhone device.

Here are some solutions that might help the iPhone users to resolve their problems.

Basic solution to fix yahoo mail not working on iPhone
If yahoo mail is not working properly one can sign in and sign out of yahoo account.
Go to yahoo mail then sign-out of your account. Open your yahoo mail sign in with correct ID and password.
Delete and re-add install yahoo mail on your iPhone
Open your setting on yahoo mail enter account id and password.
Tap on your yahoo account and then go to delete account.
Again go to settings and add account and password again.
Tap add account and choose yahoo again.
Enter the yahoo mail address and password and sign in. you can now read all your emails again on your iPhone.
Enable cellular data- The issue of yahoo mail not working on iPhone can arise if you have not enabled your cellular data for email app.
Update your iPhone to latest ios version-As the old version always have bugs one can fix this issue by updating the phone to the latest ios version.
Use yahoo mail app- If there is something wrong with yahoo email on your iPhone, one can download and install the app again after deleting the old one.
Generate third party app password- First sign in to your account on web and go to account security page then click on generate app password. Click on generate app password and then drop down list is displayed, select it and generate your password. Follow all these instructions and click done and then use this password with your email address to sign in.
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