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easy printer support
Your Brother printer ought to seem offline if it's far not able to communicate with the pc. It may be honestly stressful to see your printer offline while you attempt to print something urgently. If you find that the reputation of your Brother printer is not printing or paused, you can follow the troubleshooting steps discussed under to carry it online.

Verify That the Printer is on
If the display (LCD) of your Brother printer is blank, it may not be became. If this is the case, you need to test the printer to look if it is in sleep mode. Wake it up from sleep mode to show it on-line.
If you're not able to show at the printer, then you need to ensure that it's far linked to a working power socket and that the switches are growing to become on.
If the printer activates, check the LCD display screen for any mistakes messages like Ink/Toner Empty or Paper Jam. If any error message is displayed on the LCD screen, you want to troubleshoot the error to show the printer online.
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