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ashu ultra
Avast antivirus software is one of the most popular brand names among-st antivirus software. This software provides security to all platforms be it Windows, Mac OS or Android. It offers freeware with restriction as well as paid for protecting your device from malware attacks. With advanced features like smart scan, anti-phishing, anti-spam, firewall, Avast Support service, browser security, etc Avast antivirus is the first choice of users’ world.

Avast Antivirus is home of awesome features which ensure 100% safety against the most rigid malware attacks. Apart from these features, Avast is popular because of the support the company is extending to its users for any issues or queries related to the software. The best part is the 24*7 availability of the service. The user can connect with a highly skilled professional by dialing Avast support phone number for taking antivirus support. The user doesn’t have to worry about the timing for taking support from the professionals. Owing to the awesome service the company is proving to its user, Avast customer service is rated as the best service provider by a pool of happy customers across the globe.

Some of the features which justify why Avast Antivirus is the top choice of users worldwide:
Smart scan: With smart scan feature the antivirus software automatically detects any malicious software, viruses, adware, spyware, etc. This way the system and data are secured from any kind of threats.
Home Network Protection: This is by far the best feature of Avast antivirus software. There is an alert from the software which tells the user that the router is not working properly and is susceptible to hackers attack. At the time there may be a situation when a hacker can breach the security of your router. This enables the hacker to get complete access to the network. He can gain access to all the peripherals connected to that network and can do a marked damaged to your data and system. With Avast antivirus in your system, you don’t need to worry about such things. It keeps your systems, data and your network completely secured for such hackers. A browser cleans up feature is also there which enables the cleaning of mystery toolboxes and add-ons which gets installed in your device without your knowledge. This generally happens when the user tries to install third-party software in his/her system. To know the whole lot of these features the user can take the help of Avast Tech Support. The experts will help you extract the best out of this awesome feature. Just dial Avast Phone Number to speak to the experts to secure your system.
Yet another awesome feature from this software package. To ensure 100% security Avast allows a small partition in the system where the user can download a third party software and check the files without interfering with the whole system.
Safe banking feature: SecureDNS and SecureZone are provided by Avast antivirus software which ensures all the personal banking data is secured from hackers. Hackers at times hack the networks and change the setting in such a way that it seems that the user is putting in details on the original site. But in actuality, the user is filling details in the fake site. Due to this, the whole personal banking data is captured by a hacker and he can access your bank account and can do monetary damage to the user. With a secure DNS feature, the user can rest assured about the security of banking data.
Webcam Shield: These features deprive the hackers of accessing your webcam. A hacker can access your webcam and can make use of your photos videos and can go live. With Avast antivirus in your system, there is no chance that a hacker can access your webcam illegally.
Do Not Disturb Mode: In this mode, the notification pop-ups are suspended. This mode is especially useful when you are carrying out activities like watching movies, videos and playing games.

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