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Steps to configure roadrunner smtp settings in your mail server:
Mail server setting is a setting by which you can link or receive mail from one service to another service. Now in order to use those setting you should follow the below mentioned steps:
• Incoming mail server (POP or IMAP) :
• Account type of the incoming mail server will be — IMAP
• The username will be the same — here will be the username of your required email address.
• Provide your server hostname — in the required field, ' '
• Server port will be — 993
• Authentication issue — put the required password in this field.
• SSL/TLS — In this field enter ‘yes’.
• Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings:
• Username will be — your email address will be your username
• Server host name —
• Server port will be required here — which is 587
• Authentication is needed here — password will be required to enter here.
• SSL/TLS — yes will be filled in that field.
Using the above steps you can you can configure the roadrunner imap settings for your roadrunner mail services.
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