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#14201466 Aug 30, 2019 at 03:21 AM
shelly missa
AOL Desktop Gold has confronted numerous blunders, and for each mistake, there lies an exact answer. This application works significantly in many areas being an internet searcher as well as a platform to read the news, listen to music and watch videos; often the software can fail to react in between or freezes all of a sudden. During the freezing procedure, no activity is possible, and these things can be viewed as a cloud that overshadows the utility of the product. There are several methods that you can try to resolve this issue, and this blog will assist you with the same. A few of the essential areas that you can work upon to avoid this error is to restart the device in every week to clear the RAM, make sure that you delete all the junk and trash from the system and also update the framework from time to time. Have a look at some of the means of resolving this issue. The steps are quite simple and can be implemented even without the need for special assistance.

How to resolve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold not responding?

Step 1- First of all, go to ‘Windows’ start icon and then click on it to select ‘Control Panel.’ Now search for the option of ‘Network and the Internet.’ The last one can vary depending on the framework of the operating system
Step 2- Then, click on the option of ‘View Network and status’ and after that select ‘Troubleshoot problem.’
Step 3- Make sure that you do not lose internet connectivity during the entire process
Step 4- After choosing the option of ‘Troubleshoot problem,’ click on ‘Network Adapter’ from the given list available
Step 5- Then follow the on-screen instructions and execute the actions accordingly. Make the necessary alterations and save them
Step 6- Restart the system and then try to open AOL Gold software

Now if the procedure as mentioned earlier still brings you the same mistake and you are incapable to resolve the question, then you can Uninstall AOL Gold from the framework and then reinstall it. Uninstalling the software will rectify the error. But do keep a few predicaments in mind. Install the software after checking the system’s compatibility. If the software requires the update, then perform them at a prior basis. And if you need technical support at any time, then feel free to dial the toll-free number.
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