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When you try to print a document, sometimes a popup says Hp printer is offline. There are multiple reasons why your HP printer is offline. Some of the reasons why Hp printer is offline is poor USB or Internet Connectivity, outdated driver and faulty hardware. All these reasons can lead to Hp printer is offline.

Let's see the reason which makes the hp printer is offline:

Driver issue: An obsolete printer driver may be a reason why the HP printer is offline. If the driver is outdated, the driver must be updated by the user. This can be done by visiting the website of the manufacturer. The support for HP printers can help you with this.

Poor USB connection: poor USB connectivity allows the computer to be disconnected from your printer. The HP printer displays offline when the printer is disconnected from the computer.

Internet problem: poor connection to the internet can also cause offline HP printer problem. If your connection to the Internet seems weak, reboot the router and check again to print.
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