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Common page to page printer processes four components of color; cyan, magenta, yellow, black, or toner. This color model is called CMYK and works by creating different color combinations with the four colors to get the best grade for printing here we'll talk about why hp printer not printing color. Ink cartridges are divided into your inkjet or color laser printer into these four colors. In this case, the dominant color is magenta. One-color may occasionally run out before another, but this depends on the colors that are most frequently printed.

How to fix if hp printer not printing color

When printing, if you can't get accurate colors, you can do a few simple experiments to determine what needs to be done to fix the issue hp printer not printing color. Most probably, the issue will be an empty cartridge, so first you should check the ink concentrations of your printer. You don't need to open the printer to do this, as you just need to access the printer's maintenance utilities. This can be discovered on the printer's LCD navigation screen either through the start menu or if it has one. Where this is, it depends on the make and model of your printer. Once you are in the maintenance utilities, you will be able to see which cartridges are small or out of ink.
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