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ashu ultra
Recovering Deleted Mails in AOL Account
Sometimes mistakenly we delete emails that are important and we realize it later. This is the most commonly occurring thing which happens with almost everyone while selecting spams or messages that are unwanted and u wanna delete you also select those emails that are important. The very first thing that comes to your mind after deleting them is that how to recover those messages.

Below are few steps through which you can recover the messages that you deleted mistakenly and unknowingly:

Recovering AOL emails that are deleted from trash folder:
We unknowingly delete emails that are important and we realize it later the recently deleted emails go to a folder called “Trash Folder” or to “Recycle bin”. You can recover the emails from these folders within 7 days you deleted the mail.
Open the AOL website you’ll see an icon of “Envelope” click on that it will now ask you to sign into your AOL account.
Once you log in on the top left corner you’ll see an option as”Trash” click on it to open “Trash Folder”
You’ll see all the messages that are deleted in less than 7 days.
Select those messages that you want to recover now you’ll find an option as “Action” click on it.
Now go to the “Pull down menu” now after it clicks on the “Inbox” option.
Click on the “Move To” command.
And you are done the messages that you selected will recover and you’ll find them in your inbox.
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Recovering emails using AOL software:
Mails from trash folder can only be recovered if it does not exceed a limit of 7 days if messages deleted are more than a period of 7 days the mails will permanently delete for the permanently deleted emails AOL has a software as”Ease Us” through which messages can be recovered:

Download the “Easeus” software now launch the software in the disk you lost your AOL mail.
After launching the software you need to scan it in order to get onto the next step.
Once the software is done with scanning the disk that you selected
It will then automatically start a deep scan to find more files.
After Scan you are able to see all the emails that got deleted.
Select the emails that you want to recover back into your account and Click on the “Recover” option.
Your emails will be recovered.
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