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ashu ultra
It has not any doubt that Avast is one of the best antivirus securities, giving required protection to computers from viruses and threats. Its smart scan is what keeps on maintaining the system performance; however running this is not much easier than you think. It takes lots of efforts, as you have to make changes in its settings. In case, you are unable to start its smart scan, then you have follow the steps.

Open Avast by double clicking on its icon
Click Run Smart Scan
Review your scan.

These are three steps that makes it enable, but somehow it does not start which means it is a technical issue and to settle that; you have to talk to the technical experts to get Avast Support. They will provide you with the correct solution to each issue that troubles you in utilizing that.

Now Avast latest version offers you additional security features to your devices and email server security is one of these features that don’t let you compromise with virus issues. With the help of these additional features, you can secure a number of mailboxes and you will find anti-spam feature in this security program. Some features of Avast are given below:
Complete virus protection for your data stored on server: It offers complete security system to the server and excessively utilized operating systems like 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 with the help of Microsoft Virus scan APIs.
In-built Antispam: In its latest version users can keep their mailbox free from Spam and phishing scams.
Real-time protection: It will take updates automatically once you connect to the internet and you get “zero day” threat signature.
Real-time alerts: It’s easy to use interface allows you to make use of all functions and you can use reporting options to get real-time threat notifications.

Easy and trouble free licensing: One can buy license software per server in order to get more security and for more convenience.

User Interface: One can easily utilize modern navigation style that is completely redesigned to enhance the accessibility of users.
Remote Assistance: With this feature, one can easily connect and share desktops with each other and it is beneficial to take Avast support and for general purpose.

Antivirus and anti-spyware engine: This scanning engine offers a complete protection against malicious threats, virus attacks, Spyware, Malware, Adware, Trojan and much more and it can scan data in milli seconds rather than hours.
Real-time virus database updates: This latest version allows a user to connect with antivirus lab cloud and your antivirus will get the update automatically and continuously.
Mail Shield: It automatically scans all incoming and outgoing emails to get protection against Malware.
Web Shield: It scans all web pages you visit, your downloaded files, and Java scripts, etc. and this brilliant web feature doesn’t offer sluggish performance to your PC and web browsing.
Script protection: It finds malicious scripts hidden in the web pages and keeps your email account secure from hacking and other malicious attacks.
There are a number of features that a user can access in latest Avast antivirus and some of them are given above. For more information Avast Antivirus Support Number 1-877-235-8610
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