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Push It To The Limit

February Halo 5 Season Started Today

I want to continue to chip away at our company kill commendations. At the same time would like to see members trying to PUSH thier CSR ranks to the limits! Lets make this season count and give our opposition hell!

Company Rules & Requiremetns
Company: HyperLethal

Points Of Contact:ClanKilla187, flex the champ, XvXBloodyAceXvX, Stretch1337, lVlaster Shakes, MathYou1, Gunner Tramley
Mission: Create a mature friendly competitive killing machine to dominate the galaxy
Company info: HyperLethal is a American based Halo 5 company created by me a some of my friends. We play daily with full fireteams in arena and warzone. Looking forward to hosting company events, custom game nights, training sessions and more.

Company Rules & COC
Be Mature (derogatory, sexiest, and racial comments will not be tolerated)
Communicate clearly, use call outs and try to keep non tactical chatter to a minimum during matches
Active and a team player
Bring your A game, we play to win

Company Requirements:
Must be atleast 16 years old
CSR level 50+
Member of company site & app
Have a mic (not kinect)

Company rules and requirements are subject to change. Exception may be made on a individual basis.

"...more of a hyper-lethal vector than a soldier,"

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New Applicants please copy and paste the form listed below, then fill in your information when applying.
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